Adding Blue Iris to IFTTT

Step 1: Log in to IFTTT.

Step 2: Add the ‘WebHooks’ service.

Step 3:

1)Open Blue Iris

2) Right-click the camera you want to receive and alert for.

3) Choose “Camera Properties”

4) Click the “Alerts” tab

5) Check the box next to “Request from a web service”

6) Click the “Configure” button for “Request from a web service”

7) Under “When Triggered” choose “https://”

8) enter “<camera-name>/with/key/<Your-Maker-channel-key>”

8a) Replace <camera-name> (and remove the < & >) with the name of the camera in question. “BlueIrisFrontPorch”, “BlueIrisBasementDoor”, etc…. USE THIS AS YOUR EVENT NAME IN THE TRIGGER

8b) Replace <Your-Maker-channel-key> (and remove the < & >) with your unique Maker channel ID. “FHY834hTg893kkls24FHt” or whatever.

9) Click “OK”s until you are out of camera properties.

Step 4: Go back to IFTTT and create your applet using WebHooks for ‘this” and then your choice for ‘that’.

1) Click on the Webhooks Tile


2) Click on the Tile on the left ‘Receive a Web Request’


3) Remember step 8a above? Put the name here. Then click ‘Create Trigger’.


4) Once ‘This’ was added, click on ‘That’.Capture.PNG

5) Search for the action you want.


6) Finalize and create your Applet.


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